UA-2 Altimeter

A low cost precision underwater altimeter

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Fishers UA-2 shows the distance between towed body and ocean bottom.

The UA-2 adds a new and needed dimension to the effectiveness and accuracy of underwater searches and surveys. The altimeter provides a cost effective method for measuring the distance between a towed body and the ocean floor. It allows underwater detection and survey equipment to be held at precise altitudes above the bottom. Using the UA-2 ensures targets are not missed because equipment is towed too high off the bottom and helps avoid damage from towing too close to the bottom.

No longer is it necessary to integrate chart information, cable lengths, and towing speed to calculate the distance between the towed body and the bottom. The UA-2 gives an accurate measurement of the actual distance on a digital LCD display. The distance reading is updated 3 times a second. The large LCD readout shows depth in 1 foot increments from 1 to 199 feet. A switch allows distance to be displayed in meters or feet. The UA-2 altimeter also has an adjustable audio alarm which alerts the operator if the equipment is towed below a preset distance.

The UA-2 underwater altimeter system includes a transducer for the tow body, a 150 foot cable, and the topside control unit. The system is powered by a 12 volt battery. Options for the system are cable lengths up to 1000 feet, and an output to a computer.



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Large, easy to read LCD display, audio alarm, and adaptability to any towed body.

The system is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

  • Extra Cable: $1 per foot