RMD-1 Remote Metal Detector

A metal detector with high noise immunity that can be remotely operated

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The RMD-1 is a high performance Pulse induction metal detector which can be attached to almost any ROV or towed underwater system as shown in the photo. Pulse induction technology allows the RMD-1 to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects on or beneath the ocean floor while ignoring minerals in the seabed. The remote metal detector locates and tracks underwater pipelines, finds missing tools and dredge parts, locates weapons and unexploded ordnance, and finds lost treasure.

The system employs two coils molded into rugged ABS shells firmly attached to the underwater vehicle with a corrosion-proof tubular PVC frame. The frame provides a sturdy mount for the coils and positions them out in front of the ROV so as not to be affected by the ROV's metal parts. The oval coils produce a detection envelope which extends 3 to 5 feet into the bottom. The sleek, low profile coil design minimizes drag and weight on the ROV.

When the coil senses metal it sends a signal to the RMD-1 "downstairs electronics unit" attached to the underwater vehicle. The downstairs electronics unit processes the information and can produce serial data output, 0-5 vdc output, or a proprietary signal used by the JWF control/readout unit. The output from the downstairs electronics unit can be transmitted through the ROV's umbilical or a separate cable. The ROV can power the downstairs electronics unit or power can be supplied from the surface through the umbilical cable.



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The standard RMD-1 has a control box which displays the readout with both meter and audio alarm. The closer the proximity of the metal target, the stronger the reading. The unit can use the underwater vehicle's umbilical cable to supply voltage to the downstairs electronics unit and to receive the output signal from the downstairs unit. The RMD-1 can be powered from 120 vac (standard) or 220 vac, or 9-36 vdc.

The RMD-1 is easy to operate and readily attaches to most any underwater vehicle. Special coil sizes can be supplied.

The RMD-1 is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

  • 9 to 18 vdc input power for box or lower electronics: $250
  • 220 vac to 120 vac transformer (for powering control box from 220 vac): $35
  • Analog output (0-5vdc) for box or "downstairs" electronics unit: $75 each
  • Serial data output at "downstairs" electronics unit and serial data input to box (used if info is multiplexed in cable): $395 each
  • Serial data output at box with boat's GPS: $895
  • Serial data output is 4800 baud, 9600 baud is available: $495
  • Coil set rated for "full ocean depth": $1,995